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March 13, 2014
by Kick S

One problem less

So you like some vids on youtube, you add it to favs or watch later playlists, but suddenly- kaBOOM…it’s gone. Same old song every freakin’ time.
And…what you gonna do? You are goin’ to online video downloading services and enjoying of a billions of pop-ups.

Horrible pastime.
Then i looked for some information about the video downloaders (so you can see some review in a post below) and identified the best youtube video downloader for me. Many thanks to Burton for review and useful info!

February 25, 2014
by Kick S

Ways to download youtube video


Different people use different ways to download YouTube video. They are mostly divided into two groups. The one who download with online services, and second one who do it with the help of some software. I’m from the second group for sure. I never had doubts about how to download YouTube videos, I always use Airy. Yup, it’s the software, that is available not only for Windows but also for Mac.
It’s very intuitive, it brings me great pleasure to work with Airy. Easy and modern interface, the possibility to choose resolution and format to download, Plus you can extract MP3 from youtube video.
It also integrates into your browser. Love it!


Drop me a line please, how do you usually download YouTube videos.